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Alcoholism Treatment � Causes and Cures

Looking for alcoholism treatment? Before looking at the natural health cures, let�s take a look at the causes of alcoholism.

Causes of Alcoholism

The causes of alcoholism have been proven to be genetic in some cases. If a drinker�s parent or grandparent is an alcoholic, he will sense that he is able to drink more than his friends.

Some other causes of alcoholism are found in people who simply lack of impulse control. These people use alcohol to escape from pressures and pain. Alcoholics often excuse their excessive drinking by handing out with other alcoholics or binge drinkers.

Effects of Alcoholism

Effects of alcoholism cause the body and mind to change, disrupt careers. Alcoholism moves beyond choice and willpower, and becomes an uncontrollable compulsion to continue. The body develops a physical craving for alcohol often more powerful than the hunger to eat.

Friends and family mean little to the alcoholics. This causes fights and arguments in the family and even destroys relationship.

A few of the physical effects are:

� Stomach and intestinal problems

� Poor diet and weight loss

� Liver problems such as swelling

� Shaking

� Nausea

Natural Cures

� Pour boiling water into a teapot containing 15g tea leaves. Wait for 10 minutes. Drink it all at once.

� Use American or Western ginseng (not Korean or Chinese ginseng) either in soup or in powder form, once a day.

� Wash 20g black soybeans; cut open a coconut (save the liquid) and place the black soybean in the coconut. Close it and steam the coconut in a bowl for 4 hours. Add salt to the coconut liquid.

� Cut finely 2g dried orange peel and 2 sliced seeded plums. Boil the peel and plums in 2 glasses of water over low heat for 30 minutes. Pour the liquid to a bowl. Add fresh ginger juice and strong tea to the liquid.

� Mix 15g sugar with 30ml rice vinegar. Add a little hot water to dissolve the sugar if needed. Drink it all at once.

� Boil 60g black soybeans in water. Drink it as soup.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, or simply known as AA, can help also. There are no dues or membership fees. Alcoholics Anonymous gathers in meetings every day around the country. Many are open to anybody who wishes to attend and some are restricted to only those who are willing to admit that they are alcoholics.

Don't hesitate! Try the above alcoholism treatment and break the addiction.

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