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Chinese Herbal Tea,
Improve Health and
Promote Clear Skin

Chinese herbal tea has been gaining popularity as a daily beverage. Modern society�s constant exposure to increasing levels of harmful environmental pollutants, smoke, alcohol, and caffeine has led to the more frequent use of and reliance upon Chinese herbs to cleanse our bodies.

Traditionally, Chinese herbs were instrumental in cleansing and strengthening the liver, kidneys, lungs, and blood along with their functions. This practice was believed to increase the flow of energy (Qi or Chee) to the body and mind as well as to promote calmer, more positive emotions.

What is Chinese Herb Tea?

Chinese herb tea is a kind of tea-soup and is quite common in Guangdong, Macau, and Hong Kong. It usually tastes bitter or slightly sweet and its color is mostly black or dark brown, depending on the variety of herbs used.

The herbs selected for Chinese tea are those which allegedly have "cool" energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.). T.C.M. stresses the importance of a balanced diet.

One way of achieving a balance diet is to drink cool tea to relieve a hot and damp physical bodily constitution. For this reason, Chinese herb tea is often referred to as cold tea in Cantonese.

For Relaxing, Dieting and �

Currently, there are Chinese teas made from herbs with various healing properties which help with calming and relaxing the mind, detoxifying the body, dieting, pregnancy and more. It is believed that right combination of herbs can heal even chronic mental and physical disorders.

Some of the well-known Chinese herbal teas are Colego TuoCha, De-Tox Guava Tea, Jiaogulan Tea, Natural Relaxing Tea and Cherry Grain Balsam Pear Tea.

Obesity, a condition which is cause for growing concern in modern culture, has led to a high demand for diet tea and herbs for weight loss are with high demand. Though not considered as Chinese medicine, green tea and herbal tea and their consumption is currently quite widespread.

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