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Use the Eight Trigrams
For Consultations Feng Shui

In Consultations Feng Shui, the analysis always makes use of the Eight Trigrams or Bagua (Pa Kua). The practitioner has to find the center of the house and determine the northern direction with a compass.

Basic Representation

The Eight Trigrams are a group of symbols representing the naturally occurring elements.

The symbols are from the I Ching or �Book of Changes� and they denote movement and change. Each of the trigrams is frequently associated with a season, family member, natural object, direction of the compass, etc.

Trigram SymbolNatural ObjectSeasonDirectionElementFamily memberSymbolism
Eight Trigrams-WaterWaterWinterNWaterMiddle sonCareer, way of life, also called the Journey
Eight Trigrams-MountainMountain NEEarthYoungest sonContemplation, inner knowledge, wisdom, also symbolize the stillness
Eight Trigrams-ThunderThunderSpringEWoodEldest sonFamily, elders, ancestor
Eight Trigrams-WindWind SEWoodEldest daughterWealth and prosperity, fortunate blessing, also gentleness
Eight Trigrams-FireFireSummerSFireMiddle daughterFame and reputation, also the light giver
Eight Trigrams-EarthEarth SWEarthMotherRelationship, marriage and partnership
Eight Trigrams-LakeLakeAutumnWMetalYoungest daughterChildren, creativity, & joy
Eight Trigrams-HeavenHeaven NWMetalFatherHelpful friends, also travel

Feng Shui Tips

In Consultations Feng Shui:

� It is unfavourable if a road points straight toward the home's front door (ex. the middle house in a cul-de-sac). One solution is to put a reflective object on the door

� A water feature near the front door is beneficial. However, if it is allowed to run dry, this symbolizes a drain of good energy.

� It is not advisable to sleep beneath the exposed beams. Feng Shui solutions include painting the beams to blend in with the ceiling or draping fabric from under the beams to soften the energy. Other option is to use bamboo flutes as a modern-day knick-knack. The best way is build a false ceiling.

� In the massage business, the massage table should be position such that the client should be able to see the door.

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