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Home Remedies for Ear Pain

Parents may want to use home remedies for ear pain in order to alleviate acute ear pain in a child initially instead of using antibiotics. For some children, bacteria may not be the culprit of ear pain and may, instead, be attributed viral conditions or even allergens.

Diagnosis and Cause

When a Chinese doctor diagnoses a child�s condition, he/she will look at the child�s eyes and the facial complexion, ask about the child�s appetite and if there is any loss of weight, and the smell of the child�s breath.

The result will determine the vacuity of the spleen 'Qi' (means energy). The spleen and stomach are responsible for the digestion of food and the creation of 'Qi' and blood.

According to Chinese medical theory, children�s spleens and stomachs are inherently immature until they are approximately six years old. This implies infants and young children suffer easily from:

� Food stagnation and accumulation,

� Manufacture less 'Qi' and blood,

� Spleen and stomach damage caused by poor diet or use of antibiotics (resulting in spleen vacuity with stomach heat and stagnant food).

The heat will travel up to the inner ear via an internal pathway that connects the stomachs and intestines with the inner ear and cause inflammation in the ear.

Easily Digestible Food for Toddlers

� Cooked vegetables and cooked fruits.

� Easily digestible grains such as cream of rice.

� Liquid at room temperature or warm.

� Avoid chilled and cold foods.

Apply to the Ear

� Mix isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and warm water and place in the ear. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

� Use drops of tea tree oil to reduce the earache

� Place a few drops of peppermint juice to the ear. The juice can be obtained by wrapping the leaves, pounding them and squeezing out the oil.

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