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Treat Hypogonadism and �
with Ginseng

Looking for cure of hypogonadism? Try Panax Ginseng!

Ginseng grows wild in mountainous forests and is also cultivated worldwide. The root of the plant is dried and ground to use in products, chewed like gum or soaked in hot water to make tea.


Ginseng is regarded as an important ingredient to perform the following group of functions:

� To excite the nervous systems, improve working efficiency and reduce fatigue.

� To simulate the blood forming organs and aid the blood production.

� To improve the functions of digestions, absorption and metabolism.

� To increase the heart�s contraction capacity and to tone up the heart (useful in the treatment of heart failure and shock).

� To improve the sex gland functions in men and women in the treatment of hypogonadism.

Act as an Antidiuretic

� To lower the blood sugar; this function is attributed to the presence of ginsenin in ginseng.

When NOT to use

There are circumstances under which ginseng should not be used. Such circumstances may include the followings:

� Cough and coughing up blood. Vomiting of blood due to excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse.

� Ginseng could cause encephalemia or cerebrovascular accidents in people suffering from hypertension.

� Edema and incomplete functions of the kidneys with decreased urination, because ginseng is an antidiuretic that may cause edema to deteriorate.

� Excessive type of insomnia, because ginseng can make an excessive condition even more excessive.

Common cold with fever, because ginseng can increase the production of extreme heat in the body, which can intensify the fever.


Ginseng is one of the few Chinese herbs that is frequently applied alone. A traditional Chinese herbal formula is made by steaming or boiling ginseng for consumption:

Boil 5g ginseng in 1 � cups of water over low heat until water is reduced to half. Drink it all within 1 day to cure prolapse and heart failure.

Ginseng may be used with dry ginger to treat morning sickness and abdominal pain.

Basic Kinds of Ginseng

There are three basic kinds of ginseng with different functions: Chinese ginseng, Korean or red ginseng, and American ginseng.

Chinese ginseng is more beneficial to the lungs and the digestive system.

Korean or red ginseng is warmer. It is most frequently used to tone up energy and blood to improve the functions of the sex glands and is less effective for other symptoms.

American ginseng has a cool energy. It tastes sweet and slightly bitter, acting to the heart, the lungs the kidneys and is mostly used for cough, thirst and alcoholism.

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