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Everything YOU Need to Know About Chinese Medicine and More...

Chinese medicine is a medical system that is capable of treating a very wide range of conditions.

Together with acupuncture, massage, and food cures, they form the four distinct methods of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine (also known as TCM or T.C.M.). Today, TCM still plays a major part of health care in China, and is provided in state hospitals alongside with Western medicine.

You may ask why we need TCM when the modern and scientific medicine is available to us. The reason is that many diseases that cannot be cured by Western medicine can be treated by TCM successfully comprar Viagra en Andorra online.

Agrocybe Cylindracea Maire

Chinese Herb-Agrocybe cylindracea maire

The Methods of Diagnosis

When you visit a doctor practicing TCM, he or she will observe your complexion, examine your tongue, check your pulse, ask you questions about your symptoms, your eating habits and your food preferences.

Then based on the doctor´┐Żs diagnosis of what is ailing your body, he or she will advise you whether acupuncture or herbs will be the most effective treatment as well as which food is good for you comprar Cialis en Andorra online.

Differences between Western Medicine and TCM

There are basic differences between Western medicine and TCM. Western medicine focuses more on the treatment of symptoms while TCM focuses more on the causes of these symptoms.

Most Western chemical drugs are strong and may have side effects. On the other hand, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and food cures are less drastic, and when used the right way, generally do not produce side effects.

Cortex Eucommiae with Root of Bidentate Achyranthes Soup Base
Cortex Eucommiae with Root of Bidentate Achyranthes Soup Base

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Acupuncture and History of Chinese Medicine, To Maintain Balance and Harmony
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Tui Na is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy which can relax stiff muscles and soothe pain. Why not try Tui Na as joint pain massage therapy relief.

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