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The Secrets and Meaning of
Yin Yang Symbol

Explaining the meaning of Yin Yang symbol will lead one to think about Taoism or Daoism. Yin Yang is the easily recognized Taoist symbol. It is also called the Tai Chi symbol.

The Symbol

The outer circle of the yin yang sign represents 'everything', while the black and white shapes insides the circle represent the interaction of two separate energies. The two energies are yin (represented in black) and yang (represented in white).

Meaning in Chinese Medical Philosophy

Yin and Yang are the two most fundamental concepts in Chinese medical philosophy.

In anatomy, the human body is divided into Yin and Yang as follows:

� The internal region is yin while the external region is yang.

� The five viscera are yin while the six bowels are yang.

� The tendons and bones are yin while the skin is yang.

In pathology, Yin and Yang are used to describe two basic patterns of change:

� When yin wins a victory, yang will be defeated.

� When yang wins a victory, yin will defeated.

� When yang wins a victory, there will be fever.

� When yin wins a victory, there will be chill.

� When yang is in deficiency, it will cause chill sensations in the superficial region.

� When yin is in deficiency, there will be internal heat.

The Yin Yang Treatment

Among the treatments based on the yin yang principle are soothing the extremes and building up any deficiencies. The Yellow Emperor�s Classics of Internal Medicine states, 'A hot disease should be treated by cold herbs; a cold disease should be treated by hot herbs� Yin should be treated in a yang disease, yang should be treated in a yin disease.'

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