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Ease the Mind and the Body
With Medical Home Remedies

Medical home remedies cure diseases in the simplest way, properly and effectively with ingredients mostly available at home. Before trying any home remedies, you should ensure that they won�t have an adverse reaction with an existing medical condition or medication.

As with conventional remedies, the efficacy of a natural remedy may vary from one individual to the next.

Take With Caution

Old home remedies should not be used as a replacement for medical attention. They should be used to relieve some of the everyday annoyances that sometimes plague us or for disease prevention. While sometimes a small illness could be a symptom of something larger, it is very important to use judgment and to see a doctor when necessary.

In general, old home remedies are handed down from mothers and grandmothers to daughters and granddaughters. Chinese often use the cures that are passed down and established based on the eight grand methods of treatment acheter viagra feminin en ligne.

The Eight Grand Methods of Treatment

The methods are:

1. Inducing Perspiration

2. Clearing Heat

3. Inducing bowel movements

4. Striking a balance (or harmonizing)

5. Warming up coldness

6. Tonification

7. Eliminating

8. Inducing vomiting

Home Remedies

Fresh ginger is a typical yang food and is always used to induce perspiration. It is good for both the treatment and the prevention of the common cold , particularly when accompanied by a fever and chills.

Other common ailments and health complaints which could be treated by home remedies are:



� Bad breath

� Bladder control

� Cold sores

� Cough


Ear pain

� Nasal congestion

� Sore throat

� Toothache

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