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Reading the Face and Health,
an Ancient Chinese Art

Reading the face and health helps us to review not just our health and to know which areas in our diet and lifestyle need attention but also help us to find out the best way to detox and lose weight and a plan for gaining more energy.

The Chinese reading the face and health way can tell us more about a person’s core personality by interpreting the mixture of face shapes, zones features, bumps, lines colors and skin tone according to the principles of Chinese medicine and the Five Elements of water, earth, metal, fire and wood.

Face Constitution

One of reading the face and health techniques is Three Forces which says:

• The forehead represents the sky (honor)

• The nose represents man (longevity)

• The chin represents the earth (abundance)

An extension of this face reading and health technique is the study of the Three Zones. These zones are delineated from the hairline to eyebrows; the eyebrows to top of the nose; and the chin area.

The more harmonious faces are ones in which the Three Zones are equal. Proportional variations might augur favorable circumstances such as wealth and longevity, or the contrary may suggest poverty in old age or bankruptcy in middle age.

What can Reading the Face and Health Tell You?

SymptomFace DiagnosisSolution (Lifestyle and Diet)
• Oily skin between the eyebrows.
• Redness or rashes between the eyebrows.
• Itchy or tired eyes
Liver imbalance• Avoid eating two hours before you sleep.
• Try to develop patience. This could involve taking up yoga, Tai Chi or meditation.
• Reduce alcohol, sugar, spices, eggs, dairy food and all animal fats.
• Increase salads, green vegetables like broccoli, watercress, spring onion. Chew very well and slowly.
• Puffiness below the eyes.
• Dark circule below the eyes.
• Bruised appearance below the eyes
Kidney or adrenal imbalance• Increase the amount of sleep, try to be in bed before 11pm.
• Keep your feet, ankles and midriff well wrapped and warm.
• Reduce raw salt (fine to use good quality sea salt in cooking), coffee, ice cream, ice cold liquids, burnt foods for ex. toast or crackers
• Increase warm or hot foods, hearty soups, root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, and rutabaga.
• Spots, broken capillaries, inflammation or rashes on the cheeks.Lung or bronchial imbalance• Take as much fresh air as possible and increase the amount of green leafed non-flowering plants in your home.
• Keep your home or office well ventilated.
• Reduce dairy foods, tropical fruits and their juices.
• Increase good quality rice, well cooked brown rice would be best, hard green leafy vegetable such as kale, broccoli, watercress, parsley.
• Dry, cracked, puffy or purple lower lipsColon imbalance• Chew food extremely well for a week. Try 20 times a mouthful and increase to 30 times if you can.
• Never eat when you are distracted.
• Reduce raw fruits, nuts and seeds.
• Increase good quality rice such as brown rice, root vegetables, and salad.

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