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Use Secret Food Cures
To Enrich Your Health

As an increasing number of natural and secret food cures are revealed, those with health problems might become more inclined to try them. This has become a fast-growing and popular trend worldwide.

The reason why home remedies and natural food cures or medicines made at home from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs are gaining a lot of attention is because of the very nature of the cures - there may not be any side effects, they are inexpensive and they provide the gratification involved with the ability to cure oneself!


Secret Food Cures-Mixed Vegetables

The Main User Groups

Those who opt for natural cures fall within two main groups:

� The critically ill whose serious medical conditions have not responded to conventional therapy

� The healthy apprehensive who seek safe and wholesome ways to fine tune their metabolism and to live longer, productive lives

However, in selecting foods in your quest for longevity, there is one fundamental concept in Chinese medicine that is helpful to keep in mind. Whether or not a given food bestows longevity is conditional upon each individual�s body�s needs.

Food Cures and Treatments

Ginger, which is widely used in cooking, might be an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting. Garlic, a species of the onion family, and ginseng are considered as the natural blood pressure cure.

Other ailments for which natural cures are commonly sought out include :



� Asthma

� Cancer

� Cigarette smoking

� Depression and / or anxiety



� Eczema


� Herpes

� Prostate cancer

� Ringworm

� Warts

Yeast infections

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