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Yeast Infections Cures and Treatment

Got frequent yeast infections?

Healing Cultures

For a long time, women have been telling each other how effective yogurt is for clearing up yeast infections. Studies found out that yogurt contains live cultures of bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus, which are bacteria that help control the growth of yeast in the intestines and vagina.

Eating yogurt helps restore the vagina's natural environment, so yeast infections are less likely to recur.

Nature's Penicillin

Another effective nature healer is garlic. It has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial power. Research suggests that garlic can help cure yeast infections as well as prevent them from coming back. To treat and prevent, it is recommended eating anywhere from several cloves to a bulb of garlic a day.

You don't have to eat it raw to get the benefits. Garlic retains some of it strength when it is baked, microwaved, or saut´┐Żed. To be most effective, the cloves should be crushed or chopped, since this releases most of the active compounds.

Boost Your Defenses

Foods that are high in vitamins C and E can also play a protective role. These vitamins stimulate the immune system to activate specialized cells, which are a primary defense against yeast.

You can get plenty of vitamin C by eating fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E, however, is found mainly in vegetable oils. To get more vitamin E, you can have several servings of nuts and seeds everyday.

Sugary Foods

Research has shown that women who eat a lot of honey, sugar, or molasses get more yeast infections than women who eat less. It makes sense because eating sugar raises the amount of sugar in the bloodstream, which provides a perfect medium for yeast to thrive.

Women who are susceptible to yeast infections may need to cut back their intake of fruits and avoid fruit juices completely.

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